Beginners Guide to Using Modafinil for Focus

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Where does Modafinia Deliver?

Prospective users of modafinil and other cognitive enhancers would perform extensive research before choosing the best online supplier. Customers who have used various pharmacies have written evaluations, many of which focus on how their items were shipped.

How to Order Modafinil?

HSP provides a free express shipping service to all countries. If you select this option, your modafinil will arrive in around 5–14 days; if you decide to order other medications instead of nootropics, your order may be shipped via EMS or Airmail, which will arrive in 14–21 days (with delivery time around 7-14 days). Additionally, they offer US-US shipping with a 5-7 day delivery as well as an EU-EU shipping option for countries in the EU with 100% delivery country.

The things a customer chooses, the country where the products will be delivered, and the shipping choices they choose can all have an impact on the delivery costs. The shipping fee is only shown on the website when a consumer adds favorite product to the grocery cart and proceeds to checkout.

Additionally, due to strict customs, Modafinia does not provide replacements or reshipments for several countries; the list is listed on their website and should be reviewed before order placement.

In the event that a modafinil package cannot be delivered to countries like the US, UK or Australia or EU orders placed with their EU guaranteed shipping, will reship the item at no additional cost. Additionally, if a consumer receives a product that was tampered with or was damaged during transit, they offer a refund or reship the item.